Saturday, September 26, 2009


After endless waiting and wild anticipation (thank you for your patience and understanding), we finally set out to get Snorri. The day dawned auspicious:

After a quick and beautiful drive to Old Virginny, we arrived at the cattery to find Snorri waiting for us at the door, and we got to meet all of his kinfolk - five generations of NFCs. I wish I'd taken pictures of his father and grandfather. They were huge. Lift-with-your-legs enormous. We realized that we'd never actually seen a Norwegian Forest Cat, much less hefted a twenty-pounder personally. Google image searches are not substitutes for actual experiences, children. Be ye warned.

And then Snorri was ours. I won't bore you with the emotional chowchow of it all; let's just say that we've already referred to ourselves as "mom" and "dad" on more than one occasion. I know.

I'd read that cats and car trips make uneasy bedfellows, and it's true that Snorri didn't immediately love his cat carrier.

But, after about fifteen minutes of pitiful mewling, the little guy snugged down and was a total badass.

Eventually, however, the humans could stand it no longer. Breaking every rule of cat training and car safety, we freed the Snorrster from his prison. At first, he did some 'splorin'.

But it wasn't long before Snorri showed his true colors. This cat is a fiend for the snuggle.

Do you know how to tell if a cat is relaxed? Look closely. This is drool.

So, Snorri is pretty much the most awesome cat ever, and, one day, he'll be a wild and fearsome Viking marauder. Just not right now. He's got to get his snuggle on.


megan said...

So excited for you! He is beyond adorable. So cute that he makes me lose like 50 IQ points.... I just want to coo at him.

Anonymous said...

Well you know what the crazy cat lady says: you can't fool drool! He's adorable. Can't wait to meet him. Have you trained him how to mix cocktails yet?

17 beats. said...

what a cutie!!

enhabiten said...

oh, he is goddamn adorable. my missing kitty (sniffle) was a total drooler. very endearing. that is a good omen. it finally dawned on me in my 40s that i am squarely in the cat not dog lover category. have fun:)

Christine said...

keri - he's pretty stinking cute. and i don't even LIKE cats. i'm making and exception for snorri, though.

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