Thursday, September 17, 2009

A message from above

So, I recently left a three-hour meeting that lasted for three hours and ten minutes because people are so wildly f*cking incompetent. If you can't exhaust your supply of inane drivel in three hours, then you may need to rethink your action steps and then circle back, mmmmmkay?

Then, on the drive home, the check engine light came on in my brand-new-to-me car, which, by the by, is about as uncomplicated as a lawn mower, precisely because I don't have the inclination to think about shit like cars. But, here we are, me and my mechanic, developing a relationship.

Now I'm sitting at the bar across from my mechanic's having a pomegranate martini . I have 18 minutes of juice left on my computer and no power cord. I have just read the first entry in the City Paper's recent "Best of Baltimore" series, which reveals the number one reason to live in B'more - You're already prepared for the collapse of society. It's like tantra, practically. You're so disgusting you're almost clean! Things are so terrible they're almost great! You don't need to get used to a world that's f*cked - you're already intimately acquainted with one! Congratulations! Yay!


enhabiten said...

good luck with the car. i had such a shitty day the other day beginning with a "call back" for a second mammo just to make sure my right breast isn't riddled with cancer (it's not, btw) and when i hung up the phone i started laughing. i actually felt a little giddy. is that something like, "so fucked you're almost having a good start to the day?" If so, we have that in NH, too.

17 beats. said...

funny. i remember the night that my car just STOPPED. RUNNING. on North Ave about 6 years ago. junkies started crawling out of the boarded up windows like a scene from 28 days later or something. oi.

my car started up again, in case you were wondering.

ps. i have started LEAVING faculty meetings that don't end when they are supposed to. they don't pay us enough for that kind of bull shit.

keri said...

Eeesh, enhabiten. Your shitty day was waaay shittier than mine - I'm so sorry. But, in keeping with our theme, I'm glad that things aren't as terrible as they might be. Keep me posted.

17 beats - very glad to hear that you weren't eaten by junkies. And, as for the meeting bullshit - WORD.