Friday, October 2, 2009


Today is such a f*cking shit smear.  Forget anything kind I've ever said about humans and get over my bullsh*t stance on not complaining. Here's why:

1) Two weeks ago, a three-hour and ten minute meeting to "brainstorm" about "process".  Then a fourteen-hour day, largely spent talking with parents about why little Susie is a "modest scholar." 

2) Then an eighty-hour week, sixty-four of which were spent in the woods with little idiots, talking about feelings and getting bitten by spiders.  EIGHT spider bites.  SIXTEEN tiny fang marks. 

3) This week, in addition to attending three after-school meetings and completing interim report cards (which is surely a punishment from the fifth circle of hell), I have been informed that the classes I was hired to make academically rigorous are now too hard, even though they are the same as they were last year.

4) Now, even though I have made it absolutely clear that talking about feelings is my least favorite thing, I have been "asked" to be a group leader for the "Difficult Discussions" program - a bullsh*t enterprise that trains students to be "issues facilitators."  I'm retching.  AND they meet at night.  For HOURS. 

F*ck it. I'll just scrap everything and teach the students how to macrame while singing kumbaya, since that is clearly where all this is headed. 


Anonymous said...

... and these are the students who come to college and, when asked to bring a "scholarly article" to class with them, show up with something from and cite the author's credentials -- with nary a hint of irony or jest -- as being "guest columnist." But no, really, what they need more help with is talking about their feelings.

Quit and go write your novel.

megan said...

Ahh, I am right on the same page as randasfans.

This is an opportunity! This is how I see it:

During one of your after school sessions, say something horrifically inappropriate and emotionally scarring. Get laid off. Go on unemployment. Spend your days writing and sending your stuff off to magazines. Tell the gov'ment that this is "looking for work."

KERI! You need to be writing. Not babysitting overprivleged f*cktards.

design devotee said...

I've been reading your blog for about a year and have never commented.

I love your writing style and your take on life.

Speaking as the mother of a non-spoiled 6th grader -- your talents would be better served elsewhere. I say this with affection. I totally relate to your P.O.V., but if you really dislike your students, they're bound to pick up on it, even if they are f*cktards.

keri said...

Hi Design Devotee -

Thanks for your comment! I have alternate plans in the works, so better things are coming quite soon. In the meantime, though, I do promise that I get all of my vitriol out here, not on my students - they love me (though they do not love my homework).