Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A few weeks ago, n.o.c. and I were in a bit of a tiff. Our spats happen rarely and tend to be about topics as ludicrous as the proper way to shuck an oyster. Anyway, post-kerfuffle, n.o.c. wanted to reinforce amends by buying me some flowers. We perused the flower selection at our local shop, and I decided on... thistles - spiky, mildly threatening, possibly dangerous. The least forgiving flower you can imagine. Funny thing is, that didn't even occur to me until much later. I honestly thought they were just cool and would probably last for a while. They're nice, see:

The individual "blooms" are an icy blue - very winter-appropriate.

But here's the weird part. The thistles are growing.

Very Feed Me Seymour. So if this is my first and last blog entry, you can assume that I was eaten by the product of my own curmudgeonly behavior. Thistles.


ellie bee said...

thistles...aren't those Eyore's favorites?

keri said...

Yup. They sure are.

Sarah said...

haha! happy to have found you!