Thursday, January 29, 2009

Triple Ginger Cookies

Perhaps the best part of being a teacher in the Mid-Atlantic is that when it snows, you get snow days.

On snow days, you need go no farther than this:

Snow days are gifts of time. The ten hours you'd planned to spend in less interesting pursuits? Do with them as you will! States of dishabille are perfectly permissible, wine is a suitable accompaniment for breakfast, and any productivity counts double. I have had two (!) snow days this week, and I may never again be able to bear a sunny week of winter.

On Tuesday, I used some of my time to make these cookies; I'd been drooling over them for a while. The most time-consuming part is chopping the ginger, but since it was a snow day, I just considered it extra-virtuous exercise.

I didn't have any star anise, which the recipe calls for, but I substituted cardamom, and it was deeer-licious. It played beautifully off the lemon zest.

The cookies are phenomenal - sweet, spicy, crunchy and chewy. And calorie-free, since they were made on a snow day.



Martini said...

I love ginger cookies. Will definitely have to try them.

P said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I love anything with ginger in it. Maybe I will challenge the BF to a bake-off and make some GCs. His GC recipe is really good too.

Anna said...

Will you make these when Martini and I descend upon you in Baltimore?? Puhleeeaze?