Friday, November 6, 2009

The Price of Beauty

So, I saw Olga on Monday. Remember her? This time, she decided that winter was the perfect occasion for going truly short - she pressed the comb to the hair just above my shoulders and announced her intentions.

Olga: Here. And we add copper.
Me: I don't know.
Olga: Yes. Will be perfect.
Me: Copper sounds fine, but n.o.c. hates short hair, remember?
Olga: So, you have fabulous hair during day, at night you wear long wig. Yes.
Me: But...

But it was too late. Olga had decided, and she'd apparently decided on something much shorter than she originally suggested:

I love it. It's sleek and shiny and feels like an honest-to-god "style." I'm like a grownup or whatever. I check myself out in windows. Students fawn over me. I get compliments all the time.

Not, however, from n.o.c. While it wasn't as short as he'd feared, he told me last night that the cut was fine, but "it just makes you look average."

This was basically the most terrible thing anyone's ever said to me, so I killed him. Snorri loves the hair, and we're very happy together. Just the two of us, coiffed and adorable.


Anonymous said...

I love you, but this post *lacks* -- not even one photo? (I'm sorry about your car, btw. Assholes.)

keri said...

Fine, randa. Have it your way.

Sarah said...


this is all i am capable of writing to say i found this post very funny. you look great

Oliver said...
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Oliver said...

your hair looks tres chic. i'm sorry you had to kill n.o.c.

enhabiten said...

i've killed people over lesser offenses.
but why did you cut out your face? that part was creepy.

Martini said...

this one instance where I have to disagree with NOC. I think you look ravishing and singular.

17 beats. said...

looks outstanding! and not so short at all... a bob grows out in no time.

i'm so sick of boys and their obsession with long hair.