Monday, June 22, 2009

Ich bin ein Berliner. For a week, anyway.

WARNING: Incredibly schmoopy post ahead.

Well, m'dears, I'm off to Berlin for a week of archive-exploring, museum-visiting, cafe-sitting, schnitzel-eating fun. Of course, if you were to guess what I was about to do based on the tearful, slightly hysterical parting that n.o.c. and I just had, you'd probably think that I was off to Iran for an experimental, highly toxic cancer treatment. Seriously, tears are running down my chest and my lower lip is having quivering spasms - we've never been apart for longer than five days. It's just silly; I mean, I'll be back in one week, and yet I'm still crying so profusely that I can barely see my screen. I do hope n.o.c. is having better luck behind the wheel, because if I'm reduced to a puddle by the prospect of an n.o.c.-free week, I'd be utterly ruined by an n.o.c.-free life.

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