Friday, June 5, 2009

Long time, no see.

We went from this:

To this:

And on the seventh day, we partied.


enhabiten said...

well, you did very well indeed! forgive my ornery post in regard to the kitchen upgrade. it looks fab after all:)

ellie bee said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like one of those posh spots on HGTV!!!

Karen said...

Keri- I found your blog recently when I was checking out edgecomb pottery, which I also am obsessed with! I have a few of the pieces with the crystalline thing going on. Love them! I also have a lot of older edgecomb from the eighties which I could never part with. Anyway, love your vase collection and your new apartment looks fantastic! I also love your blog! Enjoy your new place -karen [] Where did you find the edgecomb ruffled edge serving dish ?

randasfans said...

PLEASE tell us mere mortals that your guest bedroom is beyond filthy, piled high with boxes and rumpled packing paper, barely able to open the door, pathways running through waist-high piles of castoffs and giveaways? Pretty please?

keri said...

enhabiten and ellie bee - thank you, thank you! I'm currently in a honeymoon stage with the apartment - cleaning it is some sort of sick joy. I'm easily pleased, clearly.

Karen - so glad you found the blog! I have a serious edgecomb addiction myself, and I'm always happy to find a fellow enthusiast. the ruffled edge serving dish was a wedding gift, and they picked it up at the gallery in edgecomb, me. I'd love to see pictures of your older pieces.

Randa - The best way to unpack quickly is to have company arrive four days after you move in. I may never recover from the effort.