Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Technical Difficulties and Ballparks

There are many things I like about our occasional internet-free periods. I read more. I resist the siren songs of online shopping and celebrity gossip. I say things like, "I didn't see your email/comment/status update!" or, "I wasn't able to contact Verizon!" with honesty.

But there are things I do not like. Such as composing lengthy, undoubtedly brilliant blog posts and then losing them because our pirated internet from the hospital down the street has farted out again. I know, I know, this is something I should take care of, but I can't get in touch with Verizon, because all of our information is online, and we don't have internet. So there.

Last Friday, we went to a baseball game. We can actually walk to the park from our apartment, which is fab.

My favorite parts of the evening included the excellent weather:
This gentleman, who knew everything about the history of the team:

(He told us that the O's used to be the "hottest ticket in town." As indicated by the large number of empty seats, this is no longer the case, which is unfortunate. It really is a great way to spend an evening.)

This youth's dangerous struggle with nausea:

Our lofty view:

And this woman's unflagging enthusiasm:

Less enjoyable was the mold on the ketchup dispenser:

I would like to tell you that I did not use this dispenser to procure ketchup for our dessicated hotdogs, but I try not to lie to you. Hey, some molds are beneficial.


Martini said...

Great pictures, Keri! Can't wait to hear how you spent day two and three of no more classes.

randasfans said...

I swear to GOD you are the only person I know who would have even noticed the mold on the ketchup dispenser, much less taken a picture of it. Love love LOVE! So great seeing you tonight. I'm home drunk-commenting while you're prolly still on the train, but I hope you make it home soon and safely.

keri said...

oh, 'tini. You just wait 'til I tell you about today.

Randa - Your company and those martinis were the only things that could possibly make up for that many hours spent with the unwashed masses. You SAVED me.