Friday, August 21, 2009

To blog

I never kept a journal. Oh, I started many, but I always felt foolish after a page or so. I didn't know what to say or how to get things started, and I felt like I was ripping off Anne Frank, but, you know, without horrific life events to lend poignancy to my daily musings. I've come across a few of these abandoned logs, and I'm often nauseated by the overwhelming banality of my entries:

Dear Diary,

J is totally not into me; I think he likes C. God, I hate them. He probably doesn't like me because I'm fat. I need a pair of Gap jeans. I've gotta go, but more later, for sure.



Then I cringe over those entries where I tried to be all deep and shit.

Dear Diary,

Today I knew how the trees feel when they lose their leaves - suddenly naked, but unashamed.

Peace and Light,


Fuuuuuuuck. Terrible shit, fo shizzle.

But after blogging a bit, I've realized the real reason I never succeeded in keeping a journal - you're just f*cking talking to yourself. No one's going to compliment you on being witty or funny. No one's going to tell you that they feel the same way. No one's going to yell at you to get the f*ck over yourself. I don't need to hear any more from me about me; I talk to myself all the f*cking time, and I clearly don't know shit from shine-ola. I need to hear from you, and I love hearing from you. And that, dear readers, is what keeps me coming back to I Have Happy. Thanks.


Martini said...

fo sheezy, kpc. i hear you! i'm forever awed by your wittiness!

enhabiten said...

oh, you do too know shit for
shine-ola. plus other stuff. :) i'm afraid to reread the crap i've written in the past. not because it will remind me what a dumbass i used to be so much as make me see how little i've changed. oi.

Jenny said...

Every day during the work day, I check my feed for your updates. I need the chuckle most days. Shee-it. THANK YOU!

Angelaluisa said...

Your blog is like a TV series that is already on DVD that you can watch several episodes of back-to-back. I may not keep up regularly, but when I do, it's such a treat. I hope you keep posting for a longlong time. :)