Monday, August 3, 2009

A whiz in the kitchen

Remember the beginning of the summer? Back when I swore I'd do things like reupholster chairs and bake the day away? Well, unfortunately, my lazy-piece-of-shititude has prevented many of the more high-impact activities like upholstery. I have, however, done a bit of baking - summer veggie galettes, whole-wheat pizza crusts, the occasional cookie or crumble (and two bricks of wheat bread that I think we should all forget about). I fancy myself a decent cook - I'm not afraid of the kitchen and I enjoy the time I spend there.

But I am a kitchen neophyte and a domestic sloth compared to someone like Ashley. She cans things. With her own little hands. She keeps chickens. And bees. I'm wigged over the prospect of one little kitty. I know my limits.

If you go visit Ashley's blog, Small Measure, you can actually win some of her delicious canned goods - this week it's a jar of Cherry, Lemon & Lemon Thyme Marmalade. And if you win, I'll even send you a frozen six-pound loaf of wheat bread for the spreading. Though, really, her marmalade deserves much better.


Anonymous said...

Ta-Freakin'-Dow, Keri! You're the one that has to put up with all sorts of youngin' shenanigans and hi-jinks! Yes, I have a bear in my yard these days, and, yes, that puts a new spin on things, and, yes, my dogs fart constantly when I'm writing, but, hey, don't think I'm always slaving over a hot stove or stirring up chicken shiz. I like my cocktails and my Anthropologie website drooling and my Queer Eye hour as much as the next gal! But if you're ever in Asheville, holla at a playa! And thanks for the compliments. Your writing gives me lots of giggles.
P.S. I'm currently reading E.P.L. and I LIKE IT! Probably because I haven't traveled anywhere in awhile.....

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