Wednesday, April 15, 2009

april showers

As you may have noticed from yesterday's entry, I'm feeling a trifle out of sorts. While this is clearly related to post-vacation malaise, the weather is also to blame. It's forty degrees and raining, and I have been forced to relinquish the comfort of my bed. I am wearing soggy shoes and woolen pants with wet hems. I must spend the day balancing on a ridiculous ball chair - which I'm starting to loathe - in a grey cubicle surrounded by absolute landslides of sh*t that I cannot force myself to tame. My hair looks like a mousy skullcap, and my raincoat smells of last night's fajitas - a smell that was good last night but is less so in the damp 7am-ishness of early morning. To add insult to injury, I am now pretending to supervise a facilitated group discussion on respect. Retching noises in my head.

Anyway, in an effort to avoid continued whining, a list of things that could potentially cause happy. I'm a little milquetoast this morning, so suggestions are most welcome.

1) The Beach

2) Twenty-two more days of actual classes

3) Twelve consecutive weeks of vacation

4) A Norwegian Forest Cat named Snorri

5) Getting my hair did. I swear it will be done.

6) Spicy Gazpacho

7) Willie Nelson

8) Fried chicken

9) Biscuits

10) Growing two inches

11) Invisibility

12) A Vespa. Ciào.

13) A pet chinchilla

14) Dogs named Bo

15) Inflatable pool toys. Whales, in particular.

16) Artichokes

17) Sausages! Sausages!

18) Monkey

19) Omnipotence

20) Figs

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