Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last night, n.o.c. and I chaperoned a high school dance. The pitifulness of myself.

Anyway, in addition to walking around with a flashlight and interrupting the enthusiastic grindings of many a teenage couple, I also had the opportunity to hear what the kids are listening to these days. As a pottery-loving, scrabble-playing, scotch-drinking old fart, I'm not ashamed to admit that most of it sounded like someone having a seizure on a beat box; however, I was thrilled when I managed to pick out what I thought to be very clever lyrics - Booty Stinky Leg. Though I have since been informed that the actual title of the piece is Do the Skanky Leg, I'm nonetheless excited to be hip and in the know.


morganelise said...

ha keri, It's Do The STANKY leg...not skanky leg :)
Ha I love you

keri said...

Oops. I'm clearly on the cutting edge of popular culture!:)

Miss you! Love you!

Martini said...

bless your heart, woman. i love granola and will definitely try that recipe.

georgie said...

I think we should write "do the skanky leg" that sounds much more hilarious!!!