Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I'm thinking about...

1) A bourbon smash, but I'm out of mint. Do we think that I can muddle altoids to good effect?

2) The f*cking bistro around the corner. If you don't stop washing your f*cking trash into a disgusting stream of sh*t right in front of my steps, things will get ugly. You don't fool me - I don't think you're doing as well as your snotty unconcern might suggest. Happy hour is happening for a reason.

3) Four. More. Weeks. No. More. Children.

4) My last twenty-something birthday.

5) I do not like Keurig coffee. Like licking a public handrail.

6) My stack of grading is so high that when it falls over it creates a massive avalanche of papers and tests all saying things like, "Traditionalists state that the tenant (sic) of resurrection is integral to the faith and can be proven in a theological logic."

7) Tonight, n.o.c. is going to a fancy party at a fancy club. I do not get to go; it's just for the gents. I get to stay home and drink bourbon soaked altoids and grade papers.

8) Bill's very funny blog

9) 85 degrees on Saturday! Our first summer with central air hath begun!

10) Spray tan. What do we think? A viable alternative to pastiness or an inevitable shade of oompa loompa?

11) Why do they not put new articles on every minute? Refresh. Refresh! Refresh!!

12) The use of the pronoun we as a mode of address to blog readers. A bit too too, no?


enhabiten said...

i like you. i do. you make me laugh like a hyena. i really don't like that phrase but i'm too lazy to go back and erase it. why can't i have people around in, you know, REAL life, who entertain me as much??

keri said...

Thanks, enhabiten! That's the best thing I've heard all day.

OliverDarrow said...

2) call the police
4) it's not as bad as you suspect
6) see #3, and set them ablaze
7) were your bourboids tasty?
9) it was 42 with sideways rain today in green bay, WI, fyi!
10) according to neighborhood bylaws, nobody with a spray tan is allowed to enter or visit the abell community
12) we totally agree
13) we miss our baltimore family