Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Under the covers

Me: I'm cold. I think I'm coming down with something.
n.o.c.: No you're not. You just want to use up your sick days.
Me: Nuh-uh.
n.o.c.: That's shady.
Me: Oh, stuff and nonsense. I'm really cold. Definitely getting sick.
n.o.c.'s *ss: Pbbbbbbbbbfffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttbbbbbbb
Me: Arrrrrrrrgh! Dear Lord! (retch, retch) I'm dying! (retch, retch, retch) Why would you do such a thing?
n.o.c.: I was warming you up.


Anna said...

wait, let me get this straight - you were befarted? by your husband?

keri said...


megan said...

How traumatizing and humiliating. I think you need a sick day to recover.

DC said...

i am so out of it...i thought he was "warming you up" by making inopportune advances" (apparently didn't read the flatulence heading) so was befuddled by the retching...until I read Anna's comment...about "befarted"....hmmmremiinded of my old friend lance...trapping Trish..under the covers...in a Southern gentlemanly sort of way....

keri said...

Never fear, Megan. Revenge is mine.