Friday, July 10, 2009

An oddlot - things that give happy

Patterson Park, complete with a Victorian-era pagoda from back when Baltimore was a bit more grand. We didn't step on a single used hypodermic, so I call the day a success.

I don't believe I've introduced you to this Edgecomb beauty:

It's an orchid vase from Dawn Susan and The Rog. Kicks ass.

Sushi in Annapolis with n.o.c. - beautiful evening, and easily the best sushi we've had on the east coast. Kind of like being the best hockey player in Guatemala, but still...

Can you see the jeans? Tell me you can see the jeans! Oh, how I wish I hadn't been driving by myself.

"New" dining chairs! Six for $100! Though I'm sad to say that many naugas gave their lives for these chairs, I'm thrilled to report that you may now sit at our dining table without fear of plummeting to the earth. These sons of guns are sturdy.

Throwing out the rest of the crumble once I noticed vast mountain ranges of solidified fat. Tasty, but my blood cells like a little elbow room.

A full wine fridge. Wine has a protective cardiovascular effect, which I clearly need. Hush up with you and your increased cancer risks. You're ruining it for everybody.


megan said...

That pagoda made me gasp. SO AMAZING! Once when we were vacationing in Philadelphia, I made the Mister go all the way to Baltimore to check it out. He didn't understand... my only attempt at an explanation was too much Anne Tyler and John Waters at a young age. When we got there, we couldn't find anything to do. Everything seemed boring and people just leaned against vacant storefronts like that was something to do. The only awesome thing we could find in the whole city was the outsider art museum... I knew we were missing something. I just knew it. WE WERE MISSING THE PAGODA!!!!!!!!!

Lish said...

ewwww.....awwwww....beautiful, your blog always gives me a lil' happy..loved the beauties from Dawn and Rog! And the Pagoda, again I say, "Ewwwww,Awww, such beauty!"

PonderandStitch said...

Omg that pagoda is breathtaking!! I would love to be able to see that in person. Lovely!