Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well, hello there.

Yesterday, while I was perusing the CVS facewash selection, a woman grabbed my ass and started yammering away in Polish. She'd mistaken me for her friend, who was farther down the isle, and after a moment of confusion we all had a good laugh.

But here's the odd part: Since she didn't immediately notice her mistake, I assumed that she must someone I knew but could not place, and since I couldn't understand her, I decided that I must be having a neurological episode. I don't think that's a normal reaction.

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enhabiten said...

ah, what the hell is normal anyway?.
even my friends don't normally grab my ass though. my sister does on occasion...
ps-thanks for the fingers crossed re. my cat. he hasn't come back. and i have been heartbroken. not normal for me. usually not sentimental about the pets. i loved that damn fuzz ball.