Thursday, July 30, 2009

overheard at the library

"So I have that Comcast in my bedroom, and I like to listen to the music channel, you know, and sometimes I get into it. I mean, I'm groovin', right? Then I hear her banging on my wall, yelling that she doesn't like my music. And I'm just groovin', you know? I don't like what she listens to, but I don't start banging on her wall. But I have to tell myself that she's twenty-six, and I remember how I was at her age, going around corners when my parents told me not to, rebelling and shit. But sometimes I just get into it, and I have to tell her that."

---- A middle aged woman, relating her evening ritual to a man of similar age

First of all, I love hearing about how people enjoy themselves when nobody's around. I imagined this woman singing along and dancing in her bedroom, though n.o.c. was convinced that she was engaged in bawdier activities. But twenty-six? Really?

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