Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Dullest of Dullards Explains Why

We've packed the easily packable. We've packed the awkward to pack. I keep finding single shoes and how-can-I-have-another-f*cking-book books. But we're so nearly there.

And once we are, summer will be really, truly almost here. Stupidly, I thought that I would be free when classes ended. That is so not the case; work does not officially die until the ninth (!) of June. It feels like the short story about Christmas happening daily for an entire year. I taught my last class on Tuesday, and I rejoiced. Then I still had to go to work on Wednesday - not terrible, I thought. I'll clean my desk, read the Times, la-la-la. Then came Thursday. Still not so awful, except for the wireless being out so I could not even spend quality time blogging. But, then tomorrow is Friday and another week and a half of trapped-in-my-cubicle boredom follows. Tedium is the enemy of happiness. And wit. Obviously.

This is my cube. For those of you who need a visual to suffer in solidarity.


ashley said...

You're doing it. YOU. ARE. DOING. IT. Single shoes and excess books be damned! Once wireless returns, you can waste countless hours watching youtube videos. This past winter, during an all-time, shut-in, writing-stretch low, I watched youtube videos of babies laughing, which segued into videos of spontaneous bride & groom bootie dances, which flowed seamlessly into videos the wedding parties of people I don't know performing "Sexy Back" dance offs. I had to walk away from the laptop. May no such fate befall you. Maybe just videos of talking dogs and piano playing cats? Sorry for the length!

keri said...

Thanks, Ashley! I've been having dance offs all day, just me and the boxes. And you know who wins...