Friday, May 22, 2009

On second thought

I'm currently an unimaginative *sshole with laminate and bottom-of-the-line appliances. So I might as well have a nice-*ss kitchen.


megan said...

You wouldn't be an unimaginative asshole - you would be fulfilling the american dream of owning a kitchen island!

You deserve that kitchen island, damn it! You also deserve the exposed brick walls in the next room.

enhabiten said...

oh man...apparently i do not have a life b/c i'm commenting 3 times on your blog. lovely. but now i feel guilty and i have to do something about it...megan thinks you deserve this...ok, ok. get an island. there's nothing wrong with a friggin island. i wouldn't mind it myself. and btw, i live in an old falling down farmhouse with a counter top so old i'm afraid to guess at the age. it's really old linoleum maybe. it ain't pretty. i need some kitchen something bad. but can we just agree to research the potential materials of said island, appliances, counter top? i'll be checking back in. and you can just call me mrs. bossy. but my real name is liane.

keri said...

megan - you're right; I clearly deserve it... I recall doing something very nice once. Not so clear on the details, but I'm sure it was island-worthy.

liane - I'm so glad that you comment, and I would love to live in an old farmhouse. Soapstone! Soapstone!