Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yesterday I learned that many people who are allergic to cockroaches are also allergic to coffee made from pre-ground beans. Why? Because roaches infest giant piles of coffee beans, and the FDA allows for a certain percentage of dried roach in pre-ground coffee. The best part of waking up? Not so much.

While this was an icky discovery, I wasn't too disgusted; we always use whole beans and grind our own.... Though, as I write this, I realize that I will never again be able to order coffee from a diner or use the tasteless-yet-convenient keurig. (Yet I also know that I probably will, and so my future self is repugnant to my present self.)

What I found more disturbing, however, was this: the same thing goes for chocolate. Roaches just love big ol' piles of cacao seeds.

Trace amounts of fecal matter, insect carcasses, and generally foul sh*t are federally permitted in processed foods, and they're all over our veggies too, as Ashley (whose blog is incredible) rightly pointed out. I know this, but it seems insidious to hide roach bits in my coffee and chocolate.


Martini said...

Ah man! Now you've done ruined me for chocolate.

ashley english said...

If it's any consolation, there's all manner of insect, not to mention soil-borne organism, "fecal matter" on most veggies and fruits, too. Everybody poops, right?

keri said...

Oh, 'tini. I doubt it.

Too true, Ashley. But, still, ground roach in my cup of joe just seems so much more insidious than a little beetle poop on my collards. No?

ashley said...

Into every woman's life, a little roach must fall. Or something like that. Wha?