Friday, May 8, 2009


I really do have happy. It's Friday. I'm about to be rid of these exhausting and smelly children. We're going to a fancy dress party tonight. AND (are you ready?) I just discovered Garden and Gun magazine. Gardens AND Guns, people. Now, I have neither a garden nor a gun, but it's like the Pawn and Doughnut in Unadilla, GA - an unexpected combination, but surprisingly perfect in many circles. I have so far unearthed articles on Eudora Welty, fried chicken, coca-cola, and bourbon nut balls. Our Harpers and Atlantics are about to have some company.


megan said...

How is it that these people seem to take the concept utterly seriously and that their website header is downright classy?! My head hurts. In a good way.

ashley english said...

The woman who made my wedding dress, R.Brooke Priddy, was profiled in one of the very first issues of G&G, right there along with Pat Conroy and probably some advertisement for camouflage paint.

keri said...

I know! I'm now obsessed with G&G. I want to infiltrate their staff and start writing serious articles on pimento cheese.

R. Brooke Priddy is such an awesome name. I'm stealing it.