Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soup to Nuts

You just don't see many articles on the preparation and consumption of mountain oysters. Apparently, folks used to peel and eat them like figs, fresh from the campfire. The history is quite interesting:
The tradition in Nevada is strongly associated with the Basque sheepherders who came to Nevada in significant numbers in the late 19th century. The yellowed pages of many a family cookbook include recipes for “bildoch pesta,” lamb fest or lamb party, with the ingredients — much to the consternation of outsiders — sometimes obtained with the teeth.

“It’s a Basque comfort food,” said Lisa Aguirre, 54, a descendant from Reno who was standing in the parking lot of the Bucket of Blood Saloon, waiting for the oyster tasting to begin. “Everybody is going to tell you they taste like chicken,” Ms. Aguirre added. “That’s a lie.”
The reality is fairly repulsive:

Although, I do wonder... If you're going to eat meat, can you really be fussy about what comes from where? Dead animal is dead animal. Right?

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