Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Edgecomb Pottery

I love pottery. I f*cking love it, and if this revelation makes me a fusty old marm in your book, well then, as soon as I steep my Darjeeling and wrap myself in a quilt, I will have no more to do with you. I particularly love Edgecomb pottery from Maine, and, over the weekend, my duo of Edgecomb vases became a badass trio.

The original pair:

One, a gift for myself:

And the other, a gift from the lovely Martini:

Now joined by this pimp ice blue number from Our Favorite New Englanders:

In other news, we recently watched Man on Wire, which was phenomenal. While unbridled enthusiasm generally gives me the whim-whams, Philippe Petit was just impish and ingenuous enough for me not to hate him. Or maybe it was the rarity of his "coup" that saved it for me. I mean, when was the last time you did an almost impossible thing simply because it thrilled you with its beauty? I'm not pointing fingers - I won't even bake cookies if I'm not assured of adoring and wildly appreciative consumers. Just saying.


ellie bee said...

so loving your blog--it's like having a little bit of you home each day...
the original fusty old marm...

OliverDarrow said...

more delicious cookies, please!

wholesale said...

Hi there
I am so Happy that our pottery makes you "Have Happy" It makes us happy to make you happy!! Thanks for your support,
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