Wednesday, February 18, 2009

kitty makes three. at least until she sees us as passives and eats us.

Since we are as yet unfit for children but looking for a bit more responsibility than my cacti require, we've decided to adopt a cat. Here's the description of the cat that the gentleman from the adopt-a-bengal agency initially recommended:

Mali - 5-6 yr old, BST, female, altered. Growls at all other animals, will chase and fight with those that she sees as passives. Talks a lot. Hides for up to 4 months when introduced to a new home. We would recommend you keep her isolated for at least a week.

This man should not be in sales. I told him that Mali might be more cat than we can handle, and he seemed genuinely confused.

At least my cactus continues to flourish, brazenly and out-of-season:


megan said...

I'm a florist, and as such I make it a point of personal pride to not laugh or even smile for a full week before AND after Valentine's Day. However, this year I found your blog on the 12th and you have consistently made me smile or laugh every day since then.

Good job - you're definitely giving me happy.

And yes, Mali sounds like a bit more cat than anyone could handle (including my mother, who regularly feeds feral strays and even raccoons).

Lish said...

OH MY...I agree, I am not so sure that Mali would be such a good addition to the family..

Anna said...

so basically your cat would be able to beat up our dog...?

P said...

I like "altered." It sounds very sinister. "Mali was once a tortoise, but she was altered."

Get a bunny. A house bunny. You can adopt them! More fun than a cat!

Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement yesterday. You really cheered me up.

Anna said...

also 'hides for up to 4 months when introduced to a new home'... so reading between the lines it seems as though lots of people have adopted her and after 4 months she tends to emerges from seclusion in order to attack her new owners...?

Anonymous said...

Seems like maybe they should just let ole Mali sip the blue cocktail. Just sayin?