Saturday, February 14, 2009

On a going-forward basis

n.o.c. and I are a little delicate this morning (as Auntie Mame would say, Mommy's hung), but I'm also recovering from yesterday's professional development bof*ckingnanza. Corporate speak makes me murderous, and I feel the need to air a few grievances. I refuse to "reach out" to anyone. I will not "circle back" or "close the loop." I will take no "action steps," and I will pay no mind to our "dotted-line relationship." What the f*ck do people mean by saying these things? Do they think they're being more clear? Clever? Inventive?

I am going to take my tender head out into the world, and I WILL have happy, dammit, but NOT on a going-forward basis.

And happy valentine's day. I'm giving n.o.c. a fistful of Advil.

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ellie bee said...

It all sounds rather like a political speech to know, "time for a change!" ""40 acres and a mule" "A chicken in every pot" "redistribute the wealth" wonder you are "hung"...get hung for me, too--ok?
love you!